Patyalai Fitness & Health Club  The most equipped fitness club in town with the latest equipments and advance aerobic machines

PFC (Patyalai Fitness Center)

Fact Sheet 

Who We Are and How We Begun

We started out as the best physical fitness center in the city, registered with the National Olympic Committee of Afghanistan. With weight and cardio machines never before seen or known in the city, we were by far the most well-equipped and sought for fitness center in Kabul. Six years down the road, we took it a step further: we started our second center with wider variety of equipments and services, building on success and learning from our first experience. For the first time in the country, our second fitness center would provide fitness services to all demographics of the population of Kabul.

We extended services to the area of designing fitness centers and merchandize of physical fitness equipment to national and international non-governmental institutions (the UN, NGOs, and other private sector institutions). We also deal in quality sports supplements imported from world-famous companies with an eye toward providing a healthy and safe supplementary sports diet to our members and members of the general public.

We hire some of the most qualified trainers available in the city. Our training services range from nutrition advice to cardiovascular and weight training. Our ‘personal training’ services ensure that those of our clients who want to get results in ‘no time’, for a fixed additional fee. We also have a skilled team of technicians to do regular maintenance of our equipment to ensure they are kept up to the standards.


Our mission

Customer orientation and a knack for providing quality fitness services that people can trust lies at the heart of our operations. We aim to take PFC from good to great for it to serve as role model fitness centers for others to emulate, while continuously improving our service delivery to stay ahead of our competitors.

Our future plans entail opening branches in all major cities of the country in keeping with the standards we have set and internationally. Based on increasing demand and individual requests, we plan to open a branch for female enthusiasts.

Other Services

In addition to our regular services, we also provide:

Equipments for Rent

Physical fitness equipment is not cheap and there is always the risk of ending up with counterfeit equipment in a weak economy like Afghanistan. Majority of people who cannot go to gyms due to busy lifestyles and would like to work out at the comfort of their homes do not afford fitness equipments.

With that in mind, we came up with an innovative way of meeting the needs of those people. We rent all kinds of cardio machines made by world’s most renowned manufacturers such as Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac, and Technogym. The list contains treadmills, cross-trainers, steppers, recumbent bikes, and stationary bikes.

Facilities and security


We have installed a standard video monitoring system that enables the front desk operator to monitor all activities inside and out. We have also put in place the following additional security and surveillance measures for increased safety of our customers:

-          Monitoring of the front door and parking area

-          Monitoring of the exit area

-          Optimal lighting round the open hours

-          An emergency exit door

-          Smoke detector

-          Fire extinguishers 


Management Information Systems

Special Gym Software.  This software performs the following:

-          Track and report on member attendance

-          Fee payment

-          ID Card generation

-          Print receipt against free/admission


Financial Software

Quickbooks® is used to manage and generate reports on accounts of PFC.


-          Annual event of the Best Member of the Year

-          Annual intra-PFC competition in several weight classes

-          Professional on-job courses for member and trainers

-          Free One-week Introductory Exercise Programs